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St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Patrick or popularly known as Patrician Brothers was born in Scotland around the year 385 A.D as the son of an influential Roman Christian family. At the age of 14 or so, he was captured by the Irish Raiders and was sold as a slave. He spent the next 6 years or so in the wilderness of Ireland, tending the sheep of his master, during which it is believed that he received an inner call to serve the people of Ireland. At the age of 20 or so he escaped to Gaul (France) and later became a priest. Soon he was elevated to be a bishop and was sent to Ireland. He is credited to have converted the whole of Ireland to Christianity. After years of toil he left for his eternal reward on 17th March, 461. His life and his prayer “Breastplate of St. Patrick” continue to inspire the Brothers and the people of Irish origin everywhere.



Bishop Daniel Delany, the founder of the Patrician Brothers was born in Mountrath, Ireland in the year 1747. As he lost his father early, he was looked after by his maternal aunts. As the then Ireland was impoverished and lacked basic education facilities, he was sent to France to study. Brilliant in studies and gifted in writing, Daniel became a priest in 1770 or so. Soon he returned to Ireland and was appalled on seeing the utter misery of his countrymen. He used his Sundays for exhorting the grownups and gradually gathered the children for prayer and general education. In 1784, he was consecrated as bishop and soon plunged himself deeply into improving the life of his countrymen. To continue his vision for Ireland even after his death, he founded two religious congregations namely “The Brigidine Sisters” for women on 1st February, 1807 and “Patrician Brothers” on 2nd February, 1808. Entrusting the flame he lit, to his beloved sisters and brothers, he left for his heavenly reward on 9th July, 1814. The brothers, “The Bearers the flame” of Daniel Delany works today in Ireland, USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, India, Ghana, South Sudan and Dubai.